Episode 680 - The Legend of Gorph

The Legend of Gorph

December 24, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Gorphians tell the legend of the golden stones and the white knight that may destroy them.

Comic Transcription

The Legend of Gorph

panel 1: A lush green planet with beautiful bodies of water separated by a vast desert... a shining knight sitting upon a flying fish!

Gorphian: Long ago, the land of Gorph was lush, green, and full of life...

Creatures big and small flourished, thanks to the power of a few, mysterious golden stones. From where they came, no one remembers.

One by one, the stone's golden light dimmed. Rivers and lakes dried up and lands became desolate wastelands.

We are the guardians of the last stone.

But legend has foretold of a white knight that would descend from the skies... riding upon a FLYING FISH! The knight would bring both destruction and rebirth to our land.

Enchilada: WAO! That ish a good shtory! How does it end??