Episode 679 - Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation

December 22, 2010| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enchilada has been captured but he can't understand anything that the Gorphians are saying.

Comic Transcription

Lost In Translation

panel 1: Enchilada demands for Pollo's return!
Enchilada: Enchilada not gonna talk! Bring back Pollo!

panel 2: Suddenly he appears!
Pollo: Pi!
Enchilada: Oh! Dere Pollo ish!

panel 3: Turns out that Enchilada has been captured!
Enchilada: All Enchilada hear ish "Gorph gorph gorph gorph gorph"!
Pollo: Pi pi pi pi pi.
Enchilada: What Pollo talking about? Enchilada gots no STONE!

panel 4: The Gorphian tries to understand what Enchilada and Pollo are talking about.
Enchilada: Tell da Gorph dat Enchilada not gonna give up da client's package!

panel 5: A higher ranking Gorphian steps in.
Gorphian: < This isn't working. Bring the bird to me. >
Gorphian 2: < Yes Sir! >
Enchilada: Enchilada gots to warn Gorphian... Pollo no taste good!

panel 6: Pollo is handed over to him.
Gorphian: < Come little one. Perhaps you can help us figure this out? >
Enchilada: Wait! PLEASE NO EAT POLLO!

panel 7: He raises Pollo over his head...
Gorphian: < Is this how it works? >
Pollo: Pi.

panel 8: Then places him on top...
Gorphian: Let us meditate together...

panel 9: Suddenly... Pollo understands!
Gorphian: Do you understand why the stone is so important to us now?