Episode 684 - Re-Genesis


January 3, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Something has caused the Gorphian Stone to bloom! How is this possible?

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Enchilada is stunned by what is growing out of his trusty ship.
Enchilada: OH NOES! Enchilada didn't know da stone would grow!

panel 2: The Gorphian leader inspects the growth from Sea3pollo.
Gorphian Leader: This is quite extraordinary!
Enchilada: Ish dat good or bad?
Gorphian Leader: It's WONDERFUL!

panel 3: The Gorphian Leader explains...
Gorphian Leader: Your ships explosion, combined with just the right mix of elements must have caused the stone to BLOOM!

panel 4: Enchilada speaks behind some vines that are quickly surrounding him.
Enchilada: But dis shtuff ish growin' awfully fast!

panel 5: The Gorphians are amazed at what they are witnessing... Enchilada's just trying to get himself untangled.
Gorphian Leader: True, true... but perhaps this is the NEXT GENESIS for our planet!
Enchilada: Dats nice. Gyah! Can Enchilada go now? Urgh!

panel 6: Enchilada pushes the vines away...
Gorphian Leader: Of course. We'll take care of things from here.

panel 7: Enchilada and Pollo go off to....
Enchilada: Yay! C'mon Pollo! Dis job ish DONE!

panel 8: Wait-a-minute...

panel 9: Enchilada realizes something important!
Enchilada: How Enchilada gonna get home without SEA3POYO?!