Episode 685 - Turn Around

Turn Around

January 5, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Enchilada feels like a failure, but he should chin up. Good things are around the corner...

Comic Transcription

Turn Around

panel 1: Enchilada and Pollo sit. Both are upset...
Enchilada: Wat Enchilada do to deserve dis? Without Sea3Poyo, how Enchilada s'pose to get home?

panel 2: They contemplate what to do next. A strange leafy branch appears behind them.
Enchilada: Even da clients goods got ruined.

panel 3: The branch taps Enchilada on the shoulder!
Enchilada: Marooned on Gorph. At least Enchialda gots Pollo!

panel 4: Enchilada and Pollo are startled...
Enchilada: Eh?

panel 5: They both jump in shock at what they see!
Pollo: Pi!
Enchilada: YOW!

panel 6: The Gorphian leader stands beside what seems to be a wooden reindeer!
Gorphian Leader: THIS IS FANTASTIC! This species hasn't roamed our planet in eons!