Episode 743 - Bad Deal

Bad Deal

He did it once before... pray he doesn't do it again.

Comic Transcription

Bad Deal

panel 1: Darth Nemu confronts Anpan Calrissipan.
Darth Nemu: Calrissipan.

panel 2: He points at the Pizza Box.
Darth Nemu: Take this box to my ship.

panel 3: Calrissipan objects to Vader's wishes.
Calrissipan: You said that it would be left at the city under my supervision!

panel 4: Nemu Vader takes a slice out of the box with a warning.
Darth Nemu: I am altering the deal. Pray I don't alter it further.

panel 5: Calrissipan is upset but Vader walks away whistling...
Calrissipan: This deal is getting worse all the time.