Episode 744 - Paper Ish

Paper Ish

Nemu tries to show Anpan the secrets of paper.

Comic Transcription

Paper Ish

panel 1: Anpan finds Nemu sitting in front of a blank piece of paper.
Anpan: Dere Nemu ish! What doing?

panel 2: Nemu explains to Anpan what he's up to.
Nemu: Da infinite possibilities of da paper, Nemu ish contemplating.

panel 3: Anpan doesn't understand.. but he has crayons!
Anpan: But... paper ish just paper, ya? Gots Crayons!
Nemu: No no- Not for drawing...

panel 4: But Nemu quietly explains...
Nemu: For creating from...

panel 5: and hands him the paper.
Nemu: Here. Make shtuff.

panel 6: Anpan sits and looks at the paper...
Nemu: Focus not on da paper, but wat da paper ish.
Anpan: Alright. Anpan give it a try.

panel 7: He takes a closer look...
Nemu: No– TRY NOT! DO or DO NOT!

panel 8: at varying angles...
Nemu: There ish NO TRY.

panel 9: But is easily frustrated and tears it to shreds!
Anpan: GAH! Anpan no understand!

panel 10: A calm Nemu tries to comfort Anpan.
Nemu: Much to learn, have you, young Pupawan.