Episode 748 - The Face of Fear

The Face of Fear

Anpan faces the Face of Fear!

Comic Transcription

The Face of Fear

panel 1: Anpan sees Anise sitting on her bed..

panel 2: He gathers his courage...
Anpan: Ummm....

panel 3: And tries to get her attention.
Anpan: A-ani?

panel 4: She angrily responds to him!
Anise: WHAT

panel 5: Anpan freaks out...
Anpan: AAAH!

panel 6: But quickly picks up...
Anpan: Ummm…
SFX: rummage

panel 7: The flower that he made.

panel 8: Anise is surprised by the notion.
Anise: Eh?

panel 9: Anpan explains....
Anpan: Anpan didn't mean to make Ani so mad! Anpan just wanted everyone to be stuck together like SHUPER BFF's!

panel 10: And Anise gives him a noogie on the head.

panel 11: Anise brings out the Henshin Rider figures that Anpan glued together and makes a request.
Anise: How 'bout WE stick to sticking together. Let the riders figure it out for THEMSELVES next time… Okay?!