Episode 747 - In You Go

In You Go

Anpan must face his DESTINY!

Comic Transcription

In You Go

panel 1: Nemu points to the shadowy distance...
Nemu: That place… ish strong with da dark side of da Force. A domain of evil it ish.

panel 2: He tells Anpan, but Anpan can't believe it.
Nemu: In you must go.
Anpan: WAT?! Wat's in there?

panel 3: Nemu gives some advice.
Nemu: Only what you take with you.

panel 4: Anpan sees the paper flower…
Nemu: Your weapons, you will not need them.

panel 5: He slowly walks toward the entrance…

panel 6: Anpan makes his way while Nemu

panel 7: watches on.

panel 8: Nemu takes a seat and breathes a sigh of relief...