Episode 799 - Backfire - Stand back! The one and only fire breathing bird is in the house!


September 28, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ahoy folks!

For those who keep up with our East Oahu Sun exclusive comics, they are now fully updated in our nemu*gallery!

Hopefully you can relate to some of them? :D

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The waiter comes to congratulate Enchilada on a job well done! Enchilada tries to be humble.
Waiter2: Congrats! You've set a new record!
Enchilada: Aw~ it was nothin'!

panel 2: The other waiter brings a special dessert for our winner!
Waiter2: Well– dessert is on the house!
Enchilada: OOOH! Deep-fried ice cream!! Enchilada favorite!

panel 3: The waiter hands the fried ice cream over to the other as he searches for something...
Waiter1: Hold this.

panel 4: He searches his pockets...
Waiter2: Whatcha lookin' for?

panel 5: But he's can't find his lighter...
Waiter1: Gotta lighter?

panel 6: Pollo lets out a huge fiery burp!
Waiter1: Gotta light this can–
Pollo: BARP!

panel 7: Enchilada pretends he didn't see anything... The two waiters are burnt and very annoyed!
Enchilada: Whistle~

panel 8: The waiter takes Enchilada's crown!
Waiter: 2 Gimme that crown!