Episode 807 - Three Little Ghosts: No need to be afraid of the big bad wolf with these three around.

Three Little Ghosts

October 17, 2011| Permalink | Comic Archive

Thanks to all who came to our talks this past weekend! I'll be starting the bulk of my Teen Read Week talks starting today on Kauai!

I'll be at Kapaa at 3pm and Waimea at 6:30! I hope you see you there!

For Oahu folk, the next 2 talks will be on Wednesday at 3:00pm at Kalihi and 6pm at Mililani!

Comic Transcription

Three Little Ghosts

panel 1: Anpan is startled at the three ghosts in front of him!
Anpan: G-ghosts?!
Pink Ghost: We're free!

panel 2: The ghosts cry out in delight at being freed at last
All Ghosts: YAY!

panel 3: The ghosts want to thank Anpan...
Pink Ghost: How can we ever thank you?!
Anpan: P-izza–?

panel 4: but before that can even happen...
Pink Ghost: That sounds yummy!!

panel 5: they start off on an adventure throughout the house!
Pink Ghost: Time's a'wastin' LET'S EXPLORE!
All Ghosts: WOO!
Anpan: W-wait!