Episode 838 - Vegan


January 18, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

"Who knew he was such a trekkie?"

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Anise is putting her book away in her bag as Kana walks up.
Anise: So I've been reading up on my career choice...

panel 2: Anise tells Kana all about her discovery.
Anise: And according to this biography, he was a strict VEGAN.

panel 3: And she's sure she's going to be one too...
Anise: So that makes ME a vegan too!

panel 4: But Kana isn't convinced.
Kana: THIS is gonna be interesting...

panel 5: Anise admires her mentor, but there's something that catches Kana's attention.
Anise: I had no idea he was such a TREKKIE! Aren't the vegans the SUPER LOGICAL ones?

panel 6: Kana hands her a tray and breaks the news to Ani.
Kana: Ummm... I think you're confused.

panel 7: Ani stops in her tracks.
Kana: The word "Vegan" means someone who doesn't eat or use animal products.

panel 8: And she can't believe what she's hearing!
Anise: WHAT?!