Episode 839 - Ham


January 20, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

True, hamburgers come from "cow"... but somewhere the train of thought got mixed up...

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Kana gets served her lunch tray as Anise waits in line.
Kana: Don't you think you're taking this a bit too far?
Anise: If STEVE'S a vegan, then I'M a vegan!
Kana: Thank you!

panel 2: Anise is determined to be a vegan!
Anise: Okay. I can do this! All I gotta do is THINK VEGAN!

panel 3: Delicious Cheesy Hamburger Macaroni!
Anise: The cheezy burger macaroni looks good today... Oops. It's got BEEF in it. PASS!

panel 4: Fresh Corn bread!
Anise: Yes! Corn bread! CORN'S not made of animal! Ah wait a minute... isn't BREAD made of MILK and EGGS? CAN'T EAT IT!

panel 5: Hamburgers and french fries are nice and hot...
Anise: Man! Hamburgers look good... but they're made of HAM and ham comes from COW. Can't have french fries without the hamburger... NO CAN DO!

panel 6: Fresh apples!
Anise: APPLES! Just like the company he created... But do I really wanna eat fruit for lunch?! GAH! WHAT WOULD STEVE DO?!

panel 7: Anise puts her tray down next to Kana. She notices that Ani's tray has a hamburger on it.
Kana: Umm... Isn't that a HAMBURGER? What happened to going vegan?

panel 8: Anise takes a bite of her lunch.
Anise: I'm Thinking Different.