Episode 841 - Dents


January 25, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Let the fireworks begin! :D

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Nemesis spots Anise and Kana in the classroom. He's dressed up in a blazer with rolled up sleeves.
Nemesis: Hey Henshin Slowpokes! Whoa. Look at the two of you! What are you supposed to be?
Anise: Ugh.

panel 2: Anise can't seem to stand him.
Anise: Let me guess... you're a used car salesman.
Nemesis: Who me?

panel 3: Nemesis explains what his career choice is about.
Nemesis: I'm a FAMOUS MOVIE EXECUTIVE. I make and break the big stars. I produce big budget movies and mingle with the Hollywood elite.

panel 4: He then notices that Ani has an iPad!
Nemesis: Pretty important stuff! So what's your story? Didja choose a career working at a monastery or something? Whoa! Is that an iPad?

panel 5: Anise is busy looking at something....
Anise: MY story? I make dents in the universe.
Nemesis: !

panel 6: And pulls out a chart showing how high the stock price has gone!
Anise: Oh... and I've made $35 MILLION since you started talking.
Nemesis: HUH?