Episode 840 - Good Design

Good Design

January 23, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

There's a class art exhibit going on "someone" feels they know a thing or two about good design...

Happy Lunar New Years to all who celebrate it! :D

Comic Transcription

Good Design

panel 1: Kana and Anise take a look at the bulletin board.
Kana: Let's go see the art exhibit before they take it down.
Anise: Sounds good. I know a thing or two about good design.

panel 2: They wander into the art gallery to take a look.
Kana: Wow! There's so many great pieces here!

panel 3: Anise gives her opinion on the artwork on display.
Anise: Weak. What is this? Amateur hour?
Kana: Aren't you being a bit harsh?
Anise: Garbage ALL OF IT.

panel 4: Something catches Ani's eye...
Anise: Hold on. What's THIS?

panel 5: She's dazzled by what she sees!
Anise: Ah. Beautiful form. Very clean. Functional too. This is great...

panel 6: Kana is baffled...
Anise: No. IT'S MAGICAL!

panel 7: It's the symbol for the women's restroom!
Kana: Umm... You do realize... that's the sign for the restroom, right?!