Episode 856 - Belief


February 29, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Mirage, or a miracle? Who definitively can say? XD

Happy Leap Year everyone! Since we have one extra day in February (and 2012, for that matter) do you have any special plans for the day? :D

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Kana stands up and Anise opens the door to go inside.
Kana: Do you hear that? Grab the pups! LET'S GO!
Anise: Hear what? I don't hear anything.
Nemu: Ish da sound of angels?

panel 2: Anise is upset. Kana takes the pups.
Kana: W-what?
Anise: I'm not falling for it again! Go cry Ice Cream Truck to someone else.

panel 3: Kana tells Ani...

panel 4: Anise defiantly says
Anise: There's no such thing as a Ice Cream Truck!

panel 5: Kana grabs Ani's hand.
SFX: Grab!

panel 6: And drags her to see...
Kana: If we don't hurry we'll miss it!

panel 7: The ice cream truck that's parked out on the curb.
Kana: See! It's real!
Anise: W-wha... what is this?

panel 8: Anie takes a look with wonder in her eyes.
Anise: I-is this what I think it...
Kana: YES!

panel 9: Anise is now a believer!
Anise: I knew it! I told you it was real! this is an ice cream truck! it’s REAL!
Kana: That’s what I told you!