Episode 859 - Cool Treats

Cool Treats

March 7, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

All's well that ends well~! :D

Happy Wednesday! We had some pretty torrential rain for the past couple days, so I'm hoping for a nice and dry weekend. :D We're getting all our last minute stuffs ready for Kawaii Kon next weekend and I'll need at least one sunny day to get some projects done. D:

*crosses fingers*

Comic Transcription

Cool Treats

panel 1: The gang enjoy their ice cream out on the sidewalk.
Anise: Lucky for us, the ice cream truck driver gave us all a free treat! “It’s on the house for first time customers” he said. He’s soooo cool!

panel 2: Kana is finally cooling off.
Anise: There's nothing like a cool snack on a hot day...

panel 3: Anise is so happy!
Anise: and solving the mysteries of life...

panel 4: Anpan takes his time and savors the flavor of his ice cream cone.
Anise: with your best friends.

Panel 5: Nemu finishes his off!
Nemu: DONE!