It's a trap! Who will save them?!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Yellow Jacket notices something odd.
Yellow Jacket: Hold it...

panel 2: She stops in her tracks. Her sisters wonder what's going on.
Yellow Jacket: Did you hear that 'click?'
Crimson Scarab: Hear wha-

panel 3: The entire cavern is shaken!

panel 4: Suddenly Yellow Jacket realizes what's happened!
Yellow Jacket: What was THAT?!
Crimson Scarab: Good quesion! Big sis! You OKAY?!

panel 5: An avalanche of rocks come hurling down over the Crimson Scarab and Cyan Cicada!
Yellow Jacket: LOOK OUT!
Crimson Scarab: Wha-?

panel 6: Is this the end of the Sister Trinity? Find out NEXT EPISODE!
Yellow Jacket: Sis!!