Make A Difference

June 27, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The Yellow Jacket makes it back home in one piece, with renewed purpose!

Comic Transcription

Make A Difference

panel 1: Yellow Jacket lands back at home...
Yellow Jacket: After what felt like an eternity, I made my way back home.

panel 2: and is reunited with her sisters.
Yellow Jacket: ...And boy was I happy to see some familiar faces!

panel 3: Crimson and Cyan look on at their happy sister.
Yellow Jacket: It felt like a second opportunity...
Crimson Scarab: So, lil sis... had your fill of adventure?
Yellow Jacket: Not even close!
Yellow Jacket: A chance to make a difference!

panel 4: Crimson Scarab is amazed at Yellow Jacket's strength!
Yellow Jacket: By helping out in small...
Crimson Scarab: Whoa- Need help with that, short stuff?
Yellow Jacket: Nope!

panel 5: Even carrying all of the equipment she was still able to open the door!
Yellow Jacket: Doin' perfectly fine!
Yellow Jacket: And big ways...