Episode 906 - indecisiveness


And we answer Monday's comic in today's "interlude"! (And it's in color! Yay!)

The Yellow Jacket arc has come to a close, but the story continues!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Crimson Scarab examines the menu...
Crimson Scarab: Hrm. Do I feel like beef or chicken?

panel 2: but has a difficult time trying to decide what to eat.
Crimson Scarab: Beef. Sounds so... AGRESSIVE... But chicken? Downright COWARDLY.

panel 3: Cyan Cicada offers her suggestions, but Scarab isn't having any of it.
Cyan Cicada: How about a nice peaceful salad? You really should be getting more greens.
Crimson Scarab: SERIOUSLY? I have a reputation to uphold.

panel 4: Yellow Jacket explodes!
Yellow Jacket: OHMYGAH! You two are SO EMBARRASSING!

panel 5: Cyan Cicada apologizes to the cashier as two customers look on at the ruckus.
Cyan Cicada: I apologize for our indecisiveness. We hope to frequent your establishment at another time.
Yellow Jacket: ARGH! This ALWAYS happens when we go out to eat! Let's just order pizza and get outta here!
Crimson Scarab: Does that mean we're gonna have PIG for dinner? I like the sound of THAT!