Episode 915 - Closer Look

Closer Look

August 31, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

The sun's setting fast, Yellow Jacket! Get going!

It's a three-day weekend for some of you (lucky!) -- I hope the weather's good in your neck of the woods!

But if it's not, I hope you'll take some time to participate in our create-your-own-pup contest! We've received a handful of really great entries so far and I look forward to more coming in over the next week! ♥

Contest and entry information can be found here at the nemu*blog!

Comic Transcription

Closer Look

panel 1: Yellow Jacket takes a deep breath...
Yellow Jacket: Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

panel 2: And decides to take a closer look
SFX: Tug

panel 3: She makes her way over to the mansion.
Yellow Jacket: Let's get this over and done with before the sun goes down.

panel 4: And takes a peak into one of the boarded up windows.
Yellow Jacket: So... what sort of secrets are you hiding he-

panel 5: And is surprised at what she sees!
Yellow Jacket: HUH?!