Episode 917 - Straight Line

Straight Line

September 5, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive


This update took me a little longer than usual. The perspective alone was a massive headache to figure out (and fix after I finished coloring it... D:), then repainting the shadows and texture to get the right "pop" was another brain bender.

So... in short, enjoy. XD; Although, I don't think this is the last of the crazy perspective shots in this chapter. AHMAGAWD help me~~ T___T;;

Contests are still going strong! What's in Your Bag meme is closing tomorrow and the Create-Your-Own-Pup contest is closing this weekend! We've had some amazing entries (on both counts!) I hope you'll add yours too! ♥

Comic Transcription

Straight Line

panel 1: Yellow Jacket walks past the boarded up windows.
Yellow Jacket: There's no way to get in through the windows...

panel 2: Takes a look at the balcony to find a way in...
Yellow Jacket: The balcony looks unstable...

panel 3: And decides on something else.
Yellow Jacket: Big sis Cicada always says... the fastet way to your destination is a STRAIGHT LINE.