Episode 932 - Grand Finale

Grand Finale

October 10, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

What started with a BANG, now ends in a _____....

* * *

Now who called that one? :D

Anyhoo! It's Wednesday and it oddly feels like a Tuesday. 3-day weekends certainly have a way of throwing off the rest of the week.

With the Yellow Jacket's arc coming to a close on Friday, I leave you with a proposition! Should we continue to the next section of this epic story (that I can't believe started in MAY.... o_o;) or take another intermission (like when we returned from SDCC) back to the regular nemu*nemu crew? I'm ready to go either way~ ♥

Weigh in with your vote and we'll see where it takes us next week! :D

Comic Transcription

Grand Finale

panel 1: A glowing lasso like stream of light shoots out of Ferocious Frog's broach.
Ferocious Frog: And now for the GRAND FINALE!

panel 2: Yellow Jacket is furious!
Ferocious Frog: But I think you are!
Yellow Jacket: I have the power of the Sphere on my side!

panel 3: She attempts to invoke the power of the Sphere!
Yellow Jacket: URGH!

panel 4: But nothing happens!
Yellow Jacket: Huh?

panel 5: Frog explains to her what is happening to her.
Ferocious Frog: It appears you have discovered the truth to that mysterious power signature... which is none other than the Sphere Inhibitor field! Combined with my refracting device, you are as helpless as an insect in a spiders web!\