Episode 957 - Dear Santa Part 4

Dear Santa Part 4

December 12, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Kana gets on that tech bandwagon for her wish list this year!

* * *

For those who missed it yesterday -- check in with us daily for new comic updates! I'm only in the middle of my Christmas arc, and we've got a couple weeks worth of comics to go!

Also a reminder the Holiday Sale ends on December 15th! Be sure you get your orders in by then!

Comic Transcription

Dear Santa Part 4

panel 1: Kana start to write her letter to Santa.
Kana: Dear Santa, It's Kana again. Thanks for all that you do for us during Christmas. I imagine it must be hard work for you, the reindeer, and elves.

panel 2: She worries a bit...
Kana: Please be careful when coming down the street where I live. The pups hid a bunch of pop caps and don't remember where they hid them. It might disturb the folks who are sleeping.

panel 3: and worries a bit more...
Kana: Also, please don't give Anise coal this year. She hasn't been the best kid, but she certainly hasn't been the worst.

panel 4: Hmmm that's a scary thought!
Kana: She isn't… right?