Episode 958 - Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking

December 13, 2012| Permalink | Comic Archive

Holiday baking, at it's best! Make some for others, make a little extra for yourself! ♥

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We're going (mostly) daily for the next couple week or so! Tune in tomorrow for yet another daily dose of Chrishymas cute!

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Comic Transcription

Christmas Baking

panel 1: Kana pulls out her recipe book.
Kana: Since I don't have much money this year, I think I'll do some baking… how do cookies sound?

panel 2: Nemu is excited!
Nemu: YESH!

panel 3: Hmmm… won't double the recipe be too many cookies?
Kana: Hrm~ This recipe makes 24 cookies. We'll need to double that.
Nemu: Double? Kana-mama's got DAT many friends at shchool!

panel 4: NOPE!
Kana: Not quite. There's 15 students in my class. The rest is for US!
Nemu: YESH!