Episode 976 - The Return

The Return

February 13, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

It's been a while since we last saw Dudley~ :3 It was high-time for a return. :D

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Comic Transcription

The Return

panel 1: Dudley is sleeping soundly when suddenly...

panel 2: The door bursts open and startles him awake! A shadowy figure stands in the doorway.
Dudley: GYAH!

panel 3: The shadow greets Dudley... he's still a bit groggy and not knowing what's going on...
Enchilada: Greetings Dudley!
Dudley: W-who?

panel 4: It's Enchilada! Dressed in a strange outfit!
Enchilada: Ish me! ENCHILADA! I've returned... from the FUTURE!
Dudley: Wha?!