Episode 992 - Gum Storage

Gum Storage

March 25, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

The best way for kids to learn... is from each other. :3

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Happy Monday!

While I've been busy finishing up some commissions (in progress shots up at Instagram~) and am happy say I am -almost- caught up, Scott has been under the weather with a lingering cold. (Thankfully, most of my cold is over~ Yays!)

So, I had a wake-up call this weekend when shipping a rigid envelope to Canada. Small packages have gone up -exponentially- in price. SO, to make things fair for everyone (including myself), we changed our shop system. For all orders outside of the US, I ask that you contact us with your order and mailing address and I will send you a quote and invoice you directly. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Comic Transcription

Gum Storage

panel 1: Anise sticks her hand out and tells Mayer to give her his gum.
Anise: Hey, Mayer! Gimme your "gum". We don't wanna be caught chewing it in class! I know just where to hide it.
SFX: *chew* *chew* *chew*

panel 2: Mayer pulls out the gum wrapper. Anise is puzzled.
Mayer: Oh! I saved the WRAPPER!
Anise: Huh? Wazzat?

panel 3: He spits his gum into the wrapper as Anise looks dumbfounded.
Mayer: When I'm done, I put the gum in here... then I can save it for later or throw it away.

panel 4: Then, suddenly it all makes sense to her!
Anise: OHHHHH! THAT'S what it's for! I've just been stickin' it under the table!