Episode 996 - Bubble Gum Dreams

Bubble Gum Dreams

April 3, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Ever have those dreams where you're flying? Or maybe just falling? :D

* * *

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Comic Transcription

Bubble Gum Dreams

panel 1: Anise and Mr. Buns are floating on large pink bubbles.
Anise: This... is pretty awesome, huh Buns? Try to steer your bubble closer to mine!

panel 2: They get too close to each other and that causes their bubbles to pop beneath them.
Anise: Oops! Too close! GAH!

panel 3: They are in a free fall! Can they be saved?
Anise: Don't worry Buns! Everything in this world is light and soft... I think we'll be okay!

panel 4: She wakes up to a painful reality at the foot of her bed!
Anise: Or... maybe not. OW.