Episode 1001 - Way Funner

Way Funner

April 15, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Who's plans are FUNNER?!

Kicking off the next 1000 strips with a brand new story!

Thanks to all who participated in the Gelaskins special order! Order was successfully placed on Saturday night and I'm hoping to get them in hand sometime within 2 weeks. :D


Comic Transcription

Way Funner

panel 1: Anpan follows Nemu who is holding his toy boat.
Anpan: Why for Nemu gots to go to practice TODAY?
Nemu: Da sailing team ish preparing for da first race of da year!

panel 2: Anpan tries persuading Nemu to stay with him.
Nemu: Practice makes perfect, Anpan!
Anpan: Yeah, yeah- how 'bouts Nemu hang out with ANPAN inshtead?

panel 3: They pups swing high!
Anpan: Let's see how high we can go on DA SHWINGS!

panel 4: Then listen to the blues!
Anpan: Then, listen to B.B. Joe play da blues…

panel 5: Checking out pizza being made.
Anpan: After, we can watch 'em make PIZZA at PIZZA HERO! Wat say, Nemu?

panel 6: Nemu thinks…
Nemu: Well… we did all dat YESHTERDAY. 'Sides, Nemu promised da team…

panel 7: and comes up with an idea!
Nemu: How 'bouts Anpan come sailing? Anpan can meet da team and make new friends!

panel 8: Anpan angrily stops Nemu.
Nemu: Ish so much FUN~ lots of ACTION and TEAMWOR-
Anpan: AND BOTCHA! (Botcha = water)

panel 9: And declares his ideas better!
Anpan: 'Sides- Anpan's plans ish way FUNNER!