Episode 1010 - Nobody


Oh Anpan, the sore loser~

* * * * *

[Important News!] nemu*nemu might be down for a few hours on Monday morning (Hawaii Time) as the electric company will be shutting down the power to do some maintenance on the line. We're told it'll take a couple hours, but we shall see!

I'm also doing last minute prep for TCAF! I leave Hawaii on Wednesday night and will be back Monday afternoon. I hope to see some of you there! :D

Reminder! If there's a specific item you'd like for me to bring, let me know before I leave -- I'll have a very limited selection of goods for the show.

And for those who will be there -- I'll be participating in Dave Roman's 2nd Quick Draw session on Sunday! It'll be so much fun~ I hope you can make it!

Comic Transcription


panel 1: Anpan decides to ask Vachel for something but he's a bit shy.
Anpan: So… ummm. Do Vulture…
Vachel: HMM??
Anpan: Ummm. Do Vulture give BIRDIE RIDES?

panel 2: Just as Anpan asks, Nemu sails by in his boat and shouts to Anpan from a distance.
Vachel: Hey... who's that?
Anpan: GAH!

panel 3: Anpan panics and tries to block Nemu from Vachel's view.
Anpan: Dats NOBODY!
Vachel: Well it looks like "nobody" is calling your name.

panel 4: Nemu waves at Anpan and Vachel as his boat sails by. Vachel points this out but Anpan is trying to ignore Nemu.
Anpan: Ish nobody, Anpan said! NOBODY!
Vachel: Now "nobody" is WAVING at you.
Nemu: Hiiiii Anpan! Hiiii Birdie friend!