Episode 1022 - Honey, I'm Home

Honey, I'm Home

Coming home to an uninvited guest...

* * *

Can you tell? I really love drawing all of Vachel's expressions. ♥

BTW - "Vachel-ism" rhymes with "Botulism"

Comic Transcription

Honey, I'm Home

Panel 1: Anise comes home, but Anpan isn't there to greet her.
Ani: Hey Anpan, I'm home!

Panel 2: She goes into her room and discovers the place is a mess

Panel 3: with Henshin Rider comics all over the floor.
Ani: Eh?

Panel 4: She goes into the kitchen where there's one plate of Spaghetti with Anpan's note that says "Ani".
Anise: Ramen noodle spaghetti? WHA? Is Anpan cooking?!

Panel 5: She turns around and sees the pile of dishes in the sink.
Anise: Oh... my...

Panel 6: She storms into the other room and sees Anpan.
Anise: HEY! What's with the mess in the-

Panel 7: Vachel greets here.
Vachel: Hello.

Panel 8: Anise screams, Anpan is startled, Vachel is slightly freaked out!

Panel 9: Vachel panics!
Vachel: What?! What?! Do I have spaghetti on my face or something?