Episode 1024 - Talker


June 10, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Tasty Tasty Leftovers!

* * *

Woo~! How many of you are playing Animal Crossing -- right now? :3 I'm... not. Yet. But will be getting my 3DS a little later today. Let's be friends, oki? :D

Comic Transcription


Panel 1: Vachel walks into the conversation.
Vachel: I see you have one of them too.
Anpan: Huh?

Panel 2: Vachel explains… sorta.
Vachel: I have one back at home too, but not like this one. This one's a "TALKER."

Panel 3: Vachel whispers into Anpan's ear
Vachel: If you decide you don't need her, let me know. She'd make a great midnight snack, and there'd even be leftovers.

Panel 4: Anise points at Vachel and yells at Anpan!
Anise: SEE?! What did I tell you?! (DANGEROUS!)
Anpan: Leftover what?