Episode 1060 - Shnoopin Around

Shnoopin' Around

September 2, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Just taking a look around~ *whistle*

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Comic Transcription

Shnoopin' Around

panel 1: Pollo darts away from Enchilada.
Enchilada: HEY!

panel 2: He goes over to a curtain against a wall...
Enchilada: POLLO! Where ya goin'? Come back! Watcha doin' shnoopin' around over there?

panel 3: and starts to tug at it. Enchilada comes over to see what Pollo is going to reveal.
Enchilada: Need shome help?

panel 4: Enchilada is amazed at what he sees.
Enchilada: WAO!
Pollo: Pi!

panel 5: Pollo pulls the curtain all the way back.
Enchilada: Wat's all dis cool shtuff?

panel 6: Enchilada picks up two things.
Enchilada: Dis looks like a Genuine POWER MEDALLION! And dis looks like Baron Field's ORION COLLAR!