Episode 1061 - Amazing Collection

Amazing Collection

September 4, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

That's one impressive collection y'gots there, lady!

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Comic Transcription

Amazing Collection

panel 1: The shelf holds a huge gallery of photos and artifacts of many Galaxy Explorers. Enchilada recognizes them.
Enchilada: WHOA! Enchilada never seen a collection like dis before! Look! Ish Galaxy Explorer BARRY-ANNE! She's been missing for 10 YEARS! And wat an amazing replica of her PLASMA PULSE RIFLE! And dat's COMMANDER PINO of the East Regime Explorer Squad! Always wanted to meet dat guy, but he also disappeared years ago! Come to think of it, all of these Galaxy Explorers are either missing or assumed deceased.

panel 2: Pollo tries to warn Enchilada!
Pollo: Pi Pi Pi!!
Enchilada: Of course Enchilada know wat dis means!

panel 3: But he's oblivious to any danger.
Enchilada: It means dis lady ish a HUGE FAN OF DA GALAXY EXPLORERS! Imagine all da shtuffs to talks 'bout!