Episode 1069 - Wrong Foot

Wrong Foot

September 23, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Started off on the wrong foot? Do like Enchilada and start all over again!

Da dada da! ★


Anpan is here to help announce the winner of the McCully-Moiliili Public Library summer reading program pin set! Out of a total of 25 entries, the winner is~~


Congrats Joanna!

And thanks everyone else for your great book recommendations! :D I look forward to all the great books!

Comic Transcription

Wrong Foot

panel 1: Enchilada is freaking out!
Enchilada: Um… maybe we gots off on da wrong foot!

panel 2: He tries to reason with the Lady...
Enchilada: So… um… how 'bouts we try dis again? Enchilada gonna go back outside.

panel 3: And he thinks he found a way out!
Enchilada: When you hear da knocking, dats Enchilada~ Ups to you if ya wanna answer! Okay Pollo… ish time to GO!

panel 4: The Lady get's angry!
Enchilada: GYAH!

panel 5: And now Enchilada's in trouble!