Episode 1068 - The Nerve

The Nerve

September 20, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Oh Enchilada, you certainly have a way with people~ T_T;

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Comic Transcription

The Nerve

panel 1: Enchilada gets back to the story.
Enchilada: Okay, Okay! Back to da shtory!
Enchilada: ARE YOU A WITCH?!?
Lady: The.. NERVE!

panel 2: The Lady walks past Enchilada
Lady: I invite you into my home… Serve you refreshments…

panel 3: And begins to stir her pot.
Lady: Even humor your meddling with my precious collection…

panel 4: She seems very agitated.
Lady: and THIS is how you repay my hospitality?

panel 5: And slams her hands on the table in front of Enchilada!