Episode 1085 - Wat?!


November 15, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

I think we can all hear the crickets... :3

Aloha Friday!

Some news!

Just this week, our 5th volume had been added to Comixology! If you're an avid user of the comixology system, please do us a favor and recommend our book to other readers!

Since the holiday season is upon us and I've had some in-person inquiries, I also made a blog post about thestate of our books.

In short, I can't print new books until we find more readers interested in our current books (both print and digital editions.) So recommending our comic to others is the best way to better our chances of getting a new book in 2014!
Perfect for the holidays, maybe? :D

I'm also working on a bunch of original artwork and will be gradually adding them to the square market shop! You can get a sneak peek at my progress at my tumblr (or instagram -- if that's your style!)

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The pups are amazed and Enchilada looks quite pleased.
Nemu and Anpan: Wow.
Enchilada: Mmm hmm.

panel 2: Nemu asks the most important question.
Nemu: Um~ so where's Pollo?

panel 3: Enchilada can't believe that's the question he asked!
Enchilada: After dat AMAZING ADVENTURE SHTORY, dats all gots to say?!

panel 4: Enchilada thinks about it…
Enchilada: Actually, Enchilada dunno where Pollo ish. Usually he'd be here by now…

panel 5: Kitsy and the pups are not amused.
Everyone: …

panel 6: Enchilada doesn't understand why they look upset.
Enchilada: WAT?!