Episdode 1086 - Absolutely Not

Absolutely Not

November 18, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive


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I think I had most of this comic drafted on Friday, then I got superiorly motion sick watching Captain Phillips.. and then for some reason had issues drawing Kitsy's arms. >_<;; Folks, I'm sure you will understand why, when one day, I will transition to drawing "noodle limbs" to save myself the sanity of getting anatomy correct...

Also, if you missed it last week, here's my "state of the book" post. In short, I'm sure there will be a new volume in the future, but the question is always when. To better the chances of a new volume, help me by recommending our current - books both print and digital, to friends and family this holiday season!

Comic Transcription

Absolutely Not

panel 1: Nemu asks Enchilada once more.
Nemu: B-but- wat 'bouts Pollo?!

panel 2: Enchilada retorts...
Enchilada: Wat ABOUT Pollo? We Galaxy Explorers can take care of ourselves!

panel 3: He seems not phased at all...
Enchilada: 'Sides, Pollo gots out of worse shtuff than dis.
SFX: *scrunch*
Anpan: Oh! Anpan guess Burrito Boy don't mind being stuck here forever!

panel 4: Kitsy steps in...
Kitsy: Whoa whoa WHOA! There's NO way he's staying here FOREVER!!

panel 5: And expresses her

panel 6: dismay!
Kitsy: NOT!!
Anpan: Tell us how you REALLY feel.