Episode 1089 - True Story

True Story

November 25, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive


It's Monday and it's hard to believe that it's almost time for this:

(Don't remember this guy? Try this comic from 2009~ ♥)

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Comic Transcription

True Story

panel 1: The pups run into the room and find Kitsy suspended in the containment field.
Enchilada: WHOA! Wat happened?!
Nemu: Wow!
Anpan: H-how she doin' dat?!
Kitsy: Ummm... you know that box you brought back with you?

panel 2: Kitsy explains what happened.
Kitsy: Seems like this was the "gift" that was inside.

panel 3: Enchilada realizes that it was trap!
Enchilada: Oooooh! It must've been a trap for da witch! Dat's a shneaky way to capture her!

panel 4: And Anpan realizes that Enchilada was telling the truth!
Anpan: Waitaminit. Burrito Boy ish really from outer space?!?
Enchilada: WAT?! You didn't believe Enchilada's AWESHOME SHTORY?!
Kitsy: HEY! Just figure out how to get me outta this!