Episode 1090 - Chop Chop

Chop Chop

November 27, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Chop Chop! On the Double!

It is JUST ABOUT THANKSGIVING here in the US, and that mean it's finally time to save that turkey and order a pizza instead. After all, turkeys are full of cardboard and the stuffing and gravy are the saving grace. :3

We've also been busy getting the shop up and ready for our annual Holiday Sale! I've added a bunch of new (limited quantity) items like our iPhone 5/S hard cases, iPad mini skins, and original one-of-a-kind artwork.

Speaking of original artwork, I've also opened commissions for the holidays and included some samples I've completed over the past year. :3

Sale ends on December 16th! Get your orders in ASAP to make sure they arrive in time for the holidays!

International orders (including Canada!): Please contact me with your orders so I can generate your shipping estimate and invoice you directly!

Comic Transcription

Chop Chop

panel 1: The pups stare in amazment.
Enchilada: No worries Kitsy Ma'am! Enchilada gonna gets you out of dat trap!
Nemu: Really? Enchilada can?!
Enchilada: Of course I can!

panel 2: Enchilada assures them that he can get her out of the trap.
Enchilada: I'm a GALAXY EXPLORER!
Anpan: How you gonna do dat?
Enchilada: Well, Enchilada just needs a lil' lift!

panel 3: Nemu and Anpan have no idea what Enchilada means!

panel 4: The pups figure it out!
Enchilada: Watcha waiting for?! Kitsy Ma'am's not gonna get out on her own! CHOP CHOP!