Episode 1097 - When In Doubt

When In Doubt

December 13, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

When in doubt... do what Nemu does! :D

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Comic Transcription

When In Doubt

panel 1: Nemu reaches to grab the cuff around Enchilada's neck. Enchilada races to take it off.
Nemu: OOOOH! Let Nemu see it again!
Enchilada: GAH!

panel 2: He gives the cuff to Nemu.
Enchilada: HERE! TAKE IT!!

panel 3: Nemu examines it as Anpan looks on and Enchilada puts his scarf back on.
Nemu: Hmm. Lessee~

panel 4: The cuff has small controls on the inside and outside.
Nemu: There's some sort of buttons on da inside.
Anpan: Looks like... froggies. Or maybe bears?
Nemu: Actually, it looks like a counting display. And on dis side, it looks like a music player... Da buttons look like fast-forward and rewind.

panel 5: Anpan asks Nemu...
Anpan: Cute. But wat does it mean?
Nemu: Welp. When in doubt-

panel 6: Nemu presses the button while Anpan and Enchilada are in shock!
Nemu: PRESS!
Anpan: W-wha? WAIT!
Enchilada: N-NO!