Episode 1096 - Intuition


December 11, 2013| Permalink | Comic Archive

Nemu's knack for tech -- who knew? :3

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Comic Transcription


panel 1: Enchilad is ready to leave.
Enchilada: Enchilada don't gots to put up with dis!!
Anpan: Beat it Jalapeño head!

panel 2: But Nemu grabs hold of the cuff around his neck.. sorta choking him.
Nemu: Hold on!
SFX: *yank*
Enchilada: GURK!

panel 3: Nemu takes a closer look and discovers something interesting on the cuff.
Nemu: AH! Wat have we here? Dis looks like a sophisticated tactile control interface. Yep. Ish just as Nemu thought! Dis ish da mechanism dat Pollo activated when he whacked you. So he wasn't tryin' to hurt ya, he was tryin' ta SAVE YA! All we gots to do ish figure out how da cuff functions work~
Enchilada: WHEEZE! GAG~

panel 4: He explains to Anpan...
Nemu: Then we can find Pollo… and mayber he can help Miss Kitsy!

panel 5: But Anpan wonders...
Anpan: How Nemu know all of dat?!
Nemu: Um- Intuition?
Enchilada: GASP

panel 6: Anpan tells Nemu what he really thinks!
Anpan: Ish Nemu watching STAR TREK without Anpan AGAIN?!