Episode 1122 - The Mission

The Mission

February 12, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

A ray of hope in the darkest of moments~ ★

Comic Transcription

The Mission

panel 1: Enchilada sits on the corner of the ledge, crying.
Enchilada: GAH! So much for bringin' help to save Pollo. Now everyone ish in trouble and I'M DA ONE dat needs saving. How'd everting get so messed up?!

panel 2: He recalls how hard Anpan and Nemu worked together.
Enchilada: Anpan and Nemu worked together to protect Pollo… and all I did was get in da way.

panel 3: And he begins to realize...
Enchilada: Enchilada was sh'pposed to be DA HERO! No…

panel 4: His faults...
Enchilada: Enchilada wanted everyone to THINK he was da hero.

panel 5: And seems to give up hope.
Enchilada: Now I'm shtuck! No friends, no help~ no hope… Wat am I gonna do NOW?!

panel 6: And yells out in grief!

panel 7: Then...
Enchilada: Wait… Mission…?

panel 8: Enchilada remembers…

panel 9: A little something…

panel 10: He should have never forgotten!
Enchilada: Dat's right~! DA MISSION!