Episode 1123 - New Collection

New Collection

February 14, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Heeeey, sexy lady!

Counting her chickens before they hatch, perhaps?

New wallpaper set up in the nemu*shop for the month of February!

I've also updated our event schedule with 2 events coming up soon~ ♥ For quick reference, just scroll past the comic and look to the right.

And last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day!


And just a little something from me to you~ ♥

Enjoy a freebie desktop wallpaper!

Comic Transcription

New Collection

panel 1: Anpan, Nemu and Pollo lie dormant on the shelf.
Witch: These three will make a splendid start to my NEW COLLECTION. After all... what could be better than a collection of FRIENDS?

panel 2: The Witch cackles in delight...
Witch: HUH HU HU HU*

panel 3: but someone is going to stop her laughter...
Enchilada: HEY LADY! Ish a little early to be celebrating.
Witch: WHAT?!

panel 4: Who could it be?
Enchilada: GUESS WHO'S BACK!