Episode 1125 - Reunion Party

Reunion Party

February 19, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Let's get this party started!

For most of today, I was thinking I wouldn't make my comic update deadline -- while everything was scripted out and more or less drafted, I spent most of my day working on this:


(Oops, photo is a little blurry, since I took it on my phone. XD;)

It's an illustration for the Stan Sakai project -- which.. I hope will arrive in time. ^^; I sent off the original for their auction, so here's hoping for the best. :D

It's Copics and colored pencils on 9x12 Fabriano watercolor paper. :3

Comic Transcription

Reunion Party

panel 1: The Witch gloats at her prizes.
Witch: How about we get this little REUNION PARTY underway? Why don't we start with…

panel 2: He glowing electric threads near Nemu and Anpan.
Witch: These two first?

panel 3: Suddenly a black beam comes out of nowhere!

panel 4: It startles the Witch
Witch: WHAT?!

panel 5: It's Enchilada's belt!