Episode 1124 - Little Family

Little Family

February 17, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Jibber jabber~ ♫

For those who celebrate it -- Happy Presidents Day! I don't technically get the day off, but Scott does! :D

In hopes of improving my own story-telling, I spent some time this weekend "reverse storyboarding". Basically, watch any show and try and capture all the main sequences in little thumbnail drawings. Some suggest watching for camera angle shifts as a cue for a new "panel". Here's a page from my sketchbook while watching the latest episode of Kill la Kill on Crunchyroll.

I think it took about an hour and half to get thru roughly half the episode. (The page shown is 2 of 3.) o_o; Sure makes you appreciate the job of story-boarders that much more. ♥

While slowly jotting down the shots, it helped me analyze things more carefully and get a better understanding of how shots are put together. Ultimately, I hope to incorporate some of these things into my own comics. :3

So, time well spent! :D

Comic Transcription

Friends and Family

panel 1: Enchilada confronts the Witch!
Witch: Why, it's the puny GALAXY DESTROYER, back from the dead.
Enchilada: EXPLORER.

panel 2: The Witch asks him...
Witch: Have you come to your senses at last? Ready to surrender and be a part of my little family?

panel 3: Enchilada is defiant.
Enchilada: Nopes. 'Sides, dat's no way to treat FRIENDS… or FAMILY for dat matter.

panel 4: The Witch says something...
Witch: HAH! As if you of all creatures would know how to treat…

panel 5: that hurts his feelings!
Witch: A FRIEND!
Enchilada: OUCH! DAT'S MEAN!