Episode 1131 - Whiplash


March 5, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

We probably all need some therapy sometime..

Speaking of therapy -- I'm currently undergoing some myself for a bad backache that's been going on for over a month. =_=;; Recovery is slow, but I hope I'm back in order in time for all the events that are lining up this Spring -- big and small. o_o;

If you missed it, I encourage you to read my "February in Review" post. There are a few important updates there, but for the TL;DR -- here's one major takeaway:

I'd like to earn $50 per update -- about $600 for the month of March.

Be it via donations, membership, e-book or digital wallpaper sales, or amazon affiliate sales, I'd like to earn a living crafting this comic and know there is an audience that can support me.

★ If we can reach this goal by the end of the month, I will launch a Kickstarter to print Volume 7. ★

I think it's totally doable! Even if you can't contribute with money, I can always use your help getting others acquainted with my comic~ I've got almost 8 years worth of stories to share. ♥

Let's do this! ★

Comic Transcription


panel 1: The witch twirls Enchilada around the room.
Witch: I'll MAKE YOU WISH…

panel 2: And releases him into the air!

panel 3: He goes flying across the room.

panel 4: And lands in a pile of rubble.