Episode 1132 - How About A Story?

How About A Story

March 7, 2014| Permalink | Comic Archive

Do you like stories? Well, I have a story to tell you~ ♫

Thanks so much to all our new members and donors! We're getting closer to the $600 mark for the month of March! I'm working on getting a visual bar up on the front page so we can easily track our progress~ ♥

Since we're so close, I'm going to start the preparations for a kickstarter for nemu*nemu Volume 7. With 2 years of content (and then some), I have a lot of planning to do. *__*;

Also, a few updates:

Unless my back locks up again, I'll be participating in a talk with Roy, Jon, Brady, and Jason about (the history of) anime (and then some~) at the Honolulu Festival this Saturday, 1pm on the 3rd floor of the Hawaii Convention Center. More info at Jason Yadao's blog on the Star-Advertiser!

The March digital wallpaper set is now up in the nemu*shop!

Just in time for spring~ ✿

Comic Transcription

How About A Story?

panel 1: The Witch starts to tell a story.
Witch: There was once a time that I actually thought that the Galaxy Explorers were heroes. As a child, I'd hear so many stories... all of the good things that they did!

panel 2: Enchilada struggles to loosen the Witches grip. He's able to get one of his paws free.

panel 3: He begins to fidget with his scarf...
Witch: I looked up to them and followed their every adventure!

panel 4: and pull something out from under it.
Witch: At the time I didn't know how different I was from everyone else.

panel 5: The Witch squeezes her grip tighter and Enchilada drops the object.
SFX: *grip*
Witch: You see, I was raised a little differently than other children...

panel 6: The object drops out of his reach.
SFX: *drop*
Witch: I was born into a long line of Witches!