See the Sea Part 1

I'm back with a multi-part comic update this month! Here's Part I to start things off!

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Comic Transcription

Thank you to Retzev for the transcription!

"Panel 1: Anpan, arms crossed, eyes closed talking to Nemu and Enchilada.
Anpan: NOPE. Not going.
Panel 2: Nemu smiling, Enchilada looking smug.
Enchilada: Wha? You said you weren't gonna chicken out this time.
Panel 3: Anpan is storming off angrily. Nemu is following supportively, and Enchilada is using his orange scarf to mimic wings.
Anpan: No one said anything 'bout going to the BEACH!
Nemu: Don't be scared! The two of us will be with you!
Enchilada: Unless you're a chicken! BAWK! BAWK!
Panel 4: Anpan gives Nemu and Enchilada a death stare. Nemu smiles and Enchilada continues to look smug.
Panel 5: Anpan, determined face looking at Nemu and Enchilada who are smiling.
Anpan: Alright!
Panel 6: Anpan turns away, Nemu waves and Enchilada looks on.
Anpan: B-but first... I have to get ready.
Nemu and Enchilada: Take your time!
Panel 7: Nemu and Enchilada are smiling while facing and talking to each other.
Enchilada: I guess I was wrong! He's gonna come with us after all!
Nemu: Anpan's full of surprises! "