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Guest Comic by Mike "Tanukitsune" Alonso - Let's Rumble!
October 12, 2008 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

Anpan and Nemu play a video game but probably not the way the game is supposed to be played!

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Webcomic Transcription

Guest Comic by Mike "Tanukitsune" Alonso - Let's Rumble!

Panel 1: Nemu is sitting in front of the TV waiting for Anpan to start the video game. They are playing Henshin Rider Rumble!
Nemu: Ish Anpoan Ready?
Anpan: Yesh!

Panel 2: Anpan is sitting on the controller and goes rumbling across the floor!
Anpan: WHEEEE!

Panel 3: Nemu chases after Anpan.
Anpan: This vigigame ish great!
Nemu: Nemu want turn now!