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Episode 977 - Reunion

February 15, 2013 | Permalink | Webcomics Archive

All will be explained... in the end. :3

* * *

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day with friends/family/significant others~ :3 If you missed it, here are the valentines from the nemu*crew to you!

We've officially started the countdown to Kawaii Kon in mid-March! So much stuff to do from now till then! Aaahh!!

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Webcomic Transcription


panel 1: Dudley stares at Enchilada from his bed.
Enchilada: Dat's right Dudley! I've returned from da future!
Dudley: The future? Huh?

panel 2: Enchilada runs to Dudley and his hat pops off.
Enchilada: Let enchilada take a closer look at you my old friend! Ish been so long!
Dudley: So long? But I just saw you a few hours ago...

panel 3: He gives Dudley a huge hug!
Enchilada: DUDLEY! Look at you! So YOUNG AND HEALTHY!

panel 4: Dudley is startled by what Enchilada just said!
Enchilada: And best of all, your head is STILL ATTACHED to your body!
SFX: pat pat
Dudley: My head... Wait. WHA?!?